Alcohol – legal drug


Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs invented by mankind. It is a fact that the world’s governments are trying not to advertise. Studies have shown that alcohol dependence is higher than marijuana or LSD. In such a case, how can we explain its legality? And why does not the state declare drinking alcohol outside the law?

Let’s also take into account the fact that the health damage from alcohol is higher than from a number of soft drugs. One can make an assumption that it is beneficial for the manager system, i.e. convenient, to control the population, consisting of smoking alcoholics.

For example, beer is considered to be the most dangerous legal drug, paving the way for other, more powerful illegal drugs. Drug experts came to the conclusion that alcohol is the most aggressive drug and beer alcoholism is characterized by extreme cruelty. This explains the completion of beer clashes with fights, murders, rapes and looting.

How does this happen? Alcohol dependence is formed through the interaction of alcohol with brain neurotransmitters, by means of which the transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system is carried out. Alcohol stimulates the release of dopamine which causes euphoria in humans, some kind of exhilaration. Over time, the use of alcohol exhausts the stocks of dopamine. The man feels weakness, lethargy, emotional discomfort, since loses the normal ability to transfer nerve impulses. The same thing happens when consuming drugs, therefore, alcohol is considered to be a legal drug.

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