American Novelist Ernest Hemingway

American Novelist Ernest Hemingway

The American writer and journalist, Nobel Prize winner has become famous thanks to his novels and numerous stories – on the one hand, and his life, full of adventures and surprises – on the other. His style, brief and intense, has greatly influenced literature of XX century.

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, in the family of a doctor, in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. Ernest was the second of six children and the first son in the family.

Ernest studied in several schools in Oak Park, wrote stories and poems for school newspapers. “The Kansas City Star”, a quite provincial newspaper, has become his first place of work, where he was employed as a reporter after graduation from 1917 to 1918. It was here that he learned this reporter’s writing style, whereby each of his works are read quickly and easily. So, the journalistic activities have helped Hemingway to begin a writing career.

Ernest Hemingway has always dreamed to live a life full of feats. And when there was an opportunity to participate in the First World War, to go to the front, even not as a soldier, he used it. The fact is that due to problems with vision – he received an eye injury in adolescence, he was not drafted into the army. Hemingway went to Europe as a volunteer, and has become a driver of the American detachment “Red Cross” on the Italian-Austrian front. He worked on the front lines, delivered mail, food and tobacco. In July 1918, he was seriously wounded, trying to take away an injured Italian soldier from the battlefield. It was an exploded mine nearby which had completely shattered his leg. As a result, the writer spent many months in a military hospital, endured a number of operations and recovered. Hemingway was twice awarded the Italian medals for military valor. Later these events formed the basis of the novel “A Farewell to Arms” (1929).

In Spain, the writer faced with the second war – civil. He went to the epicenter of the events as a war correspondent. At that time Hemingway was lucky to become the owner of a house and a land in Cuba, where for a long time he wanted to live.

The writer was married four times. From the first two marriages, the writer had three sons. Another writer’s love was his yacht. His father taught Ernest hunting and fishing from childhood. He devoted a lot of free time to fishing, and even an episode of his life had served as the basis for creation of the novel “The Old Man and the Sea.”

This work describes a rich life and work of Ernest Hemingway in more detail.

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