Art of the Ancient World


The primitive history was the longest period in the history of mankind, so the history of development of art of ancient civilizations is quite extensive. This essay is based on materials of different periods of activity of previous generations.

The first stone products appeared approximately one million years ago in the east of the African continent, a little later – in Eurasia. However, the first manifestations of art occurred much later. It is believed that its origin relates to 30,000 years BC. The art developed in parallel with development of humans. Thus, the roughly processed stone products of large size were gradually improving, and the list of these products was also expanding. At the same time, all works of art had a social character; they had the mark of epicness, a special significance and solemnity.

Scientists believe that the genres of primitive art appeared approximately in the following order: stone sculpture; rock painting; clay dishes. Agriculturalists and pastoralists of neolith and eneolith formed community settlements, megaliths, piles constructions; images began to show abstract concepts, the art of ornamentation was developed.

This work helps to establish further changes in the art of different regions, as well as to identify parallel between the different directions of art. Also, the human image, emotions and actions had a huge impact (such as Egyptian art, which combined monumentality with decorative understanding of the shape). The increasing complexity of social life contributed to expansion of the figurative and informative range of art. People began to mix architecture, sculpture, painting, arts and crafts and other kinds of art. This synthesis of arts was the most important achievement of artistic culture of the ancient world.

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