Biography of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in the city of Braunau on the Inn River, located on the border of Germany and Austria in the family of a shoemaker. Hitler’s family frequently moved, so he had to change four schools. The boy was under the strict control of his father until his death in 1903. Then, his behavior deteriorated, the school performance was not at the best level. In 1905, a young man graduated from high school in Linz, received incomplete secondary education. With an outstanding artistic talent, he tried to enter the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts twice, both times were unsuccessful.

Not being able to continue studying, Hitler volunteered for the army, where he was immediately sent to the front. Exactly during the war, the emergence of many political ideas occurred in his mind, subsequently they formed the basis of the National Socialist theory.

Hitler achieved success in a military career, received the rank of lance corporal and several military awards. In 1919 he returned from the war and joined the German Workers’ party, where he also was able to quickly get a promotion. In 1921, Hitler became the leader of the party thanks to his skillful policy, held during the political and economic crisis in Germany. Since that time, Hitler begins to actively promote nationalistic ideas into the society and to reform the political system in Germany, using the apparatus of the party and his military experience.

Hitler’s path to the world domination began in 1933. In that year he was appointed as Reich Chancellor of Germany – Hitler got that post because of the economic reform, which allowed Germany to get out of the serious crisis that enveloped the country after the First World War.

Adolf Hitler was one of the most famous brutal dictators of the history of the world. He was distinguished by extremely nationalistic views – he held appropriate policies in Germany and wanted to conquer the world. Hitler, a chancellor-president of Germany from 1933 to 1945, is the founder of the theory of fascism, who started the Second World War. A more detailed biography of Adolf Hitler can be ordered on our website.

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