Car Culture


The history of the first car began in 1768 with the creation of steam-powered machines, capable of transporting a person. The first cars were appeared in 1806. In recent years, the car has become commonplace and widespread phenomenon. Modern society has long transformed the car from luxury into the means of transportation. Increasing speeds, comfort and reliability of modern cars give their happy owners of a lot of pleasant emotions and provide a range of additional personal capabilities.

The car, as a rule, is the first major source of feeling the self-sufficiency and independence. It helps the owner to create his own little world around himself in which no one can intervene – very often it happens that the car is the only possible place for solitude. The car gives a person a sense of freedom and choice. The cars have become not just mechanical devices in everyday life – they have become a part of life and a continuation of the philosophy of their owners. The car is always a continuation and a reflection of its owner. For many, the car becomes a means for self-expression.

Safety and respect for others are very important in this sense. It must be remembered that the absence of culture in everyday life can lead to difficulties in communication and dubious opinion of others, while the lack of culture on the road can cause injury and death. Bets are quite different.

From the very beginning of your life’s journey with the car, it is important to obtain a proper understanding of the seriousness of the process. The car is often the first major source of self-reliance, as well as the first truly serious burden of responsibility – it is impossible to close your eyes for these things. Respect for others on the road is the key to safety. Culture of behavior is always a very personal factor, unlikely it can be taught in a driving school over the course of studying.

This psychology essay discusses the car culture, the importance of existence of modern technologies in everyday life, their influence on people.