Development of music


The birth of music has always caused a lot of disputes. It is difficult to imagine how it really originated. Among the possible such explanations were considered: the excited human speech; the singing voices of birds and animals; rhythmic work of people or magic spells, and others. In the time of primitive man the writing didn’t exist yet. People could write neither lyrics nor melodies. We can get a rough idea about the music only according to the rock and cave drawings. Sometimes it is possible if we observe the life of some modern people who have preserved a primitive way of life. That is what has helped to establish that music played an important role in people’s lives since the dawn of human society.

The becoming of music was very slow but it was an indispensable part of life. Primeval poetry, music, dance and theatrical action were inseparable, and later became isolated and started to develop independently. Over time, music started acquiring more sustainable forms, generated its own laws, the logic of construction of tunes, use of various rhythms. All this enriched it.

Times have changed and people have changed with them. Musical culture of each nation had specific features. Thus, folk music was separated from the general notion. With the development of society, professional music was also developed. Various schools, artistic trends and styles emerged and succeeded each other. They all displayed the spiritual life of people in different ways. This work shows the changes of music from the Dark Ages to the contemporary times.

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