Environmental issues in the United Kingdom

Environmental issues in the United Kingdom

For the past decades the state of the environment in the UK has significantly deteriorated both in urban and in rural areas. This is not surprising in such a closely populated and small country, whose inhabitants are concerned about the pollution of nature, the living conditions of wild animals, use of natural resources and food safety. The awareness of this problem by the population has coincided with a sharp increase in support of the movement “greens” in the mid-1980s, so many political parties were forced to include in their programs the “green” items. The government, in its turn, enacted laws that restrict the level of permissible emissions to the environment and protect it from new dangers. Officials of the European Union also seriously took up this issue by installing even more harsh norms for member countries of the European Union.

Polluted air of the United Kingdom is a significant threat to the health of its people, especially for the asthma sufferers. Despite the fact that industrial emissions into the air were banned by the Clean Air Act of 1950-1960, poor air quality can be felt in most of the country.

Pollution of the sea and the coastal zones mainly occurs due to the companies that dump the waste of their activities directly into the sea, and also because of the work of oil and gas equipment in the North Sea. Until now, amount of emissions and level of marine pollution exceeds the maximum indicators established by the European Union.

There are problems with the use of energy resources, as well as with the use of combustible fuel (oil, gas, coal) and damage of areas associated with the transition from gas to coal. The use of nuclear energy has been rapidly stopped due to disapproval of the inhabitants of the islands of nuclear installations, the danger of leakage of radioactive substances, processing and disposal of nuclear waste. Until now, there are debates – it is dangerous or safe to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Environment problem is an international matter of great importance, and the UK pays this much attention. In Britain, there are about 500 000 buildings, which are protected by the state, and 7000 closed zones, representing the architectural and historical interest.

People of Great Britain care about the environment for themselves and future generations. You can order a detailed essay about the country’s environmental problems and the ways to solve them.

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