Global Warming is a fact, not a theory

 global warming

A global warming is usually called a gradual growth of the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and the World Ocean. Since the days of the industrial revolution (XVIII century), the world temperature has risen by about 0.7 C. It is assumed that during the XXI it will grow by 1,1-6,4 C.

The impact of the global warming can hardly be overestimated. It leads to the melting of glaciers, rise of the level of World ocean, a redistribution of precipitation, droughts, hurricanes, floods and other disasters. That is why the problem of the global warming occupies attention of scientists around the world. The increase in mean annual air temperature is an authentically established fact, so the question: “Global Warming – Myth or Reality?” – is not correct.

The problem of global warming is one of the key environmental issues of the Earth. Scientists attribute many of the changes in behavior and way of life of animals, as well as in plant development, namely to the global warming. It is no longer just a threat, it is a reality.

Increasing of temperature of the surface layer of atmosphere leads to the displacement of climatic zones, causing the melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice, as well as permafrost, which leads to the increase level of World ocean. The climate changes greatly affect the animal world. Many species become extinct, others change their traditional habitats. The danger of the resettlement process of the inhabitants of the tropics to temperate latitudes lies in the fact that the animals are carriers of tropical diseases such as malaria. In addition, the warming may lead to the increase in the incidence of intestinal infections, asthma, allergies and respiratory diseases.

Changes in climate also impact on the economic situation, especially in the agriculture-based countries, and people are more likely to take up arms due to the deterioration of the economic conditions, partly in order to obtain a livelihood. Thus, scientists believe that by 2050, the global warming may increase the number of wars in 1,5 times! Already today we feel the changes and what will happen next? This essay describes causes and consequences of the global warming in more detail.

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