How smoking affects human lungs

How smoking affects human lungs

Smoking leads to such terrible lung diseases as cancer or tuberculosis. Getting into the thoracic cavity, the cigarette smoke passes into the bronchi. Harmful substances contained in the smoke start to irritate the bronchial mucosa and cause a cough that later becomes chronic and accompanies the smoker all his life.

Since the bronchi are weakened by the toxic substances, the chances of getting bronchial infections are increased significantly. The smokers risk to get a lung cancer and pulmonary emphysema 10 times more than those who do not smoke.

Tobacco smoke fatally influences the human respiratory system in the following manner:

– it irritates the trachea;

– it reduces the lung function, and a dyspnea appears as a result of airway constriction and edema;

– it damages the lung air sacks;

– it increases the risk of lung infections due to weakened immunity.

Human lungs are very important organ of our body, as it provides oxygen to the body, we just can’t live without it. If smoking contributed to the removal of one or part of the lung, such people suffer from ailments due to not enough content of oxygen in their blood.

As a consequence of smoking, the mucous membrane on lungs is covered with resin, the lungs become clogged that impedes the flow of oxygen while breathing. The smokers begin to experience fatigue, headaches, low brain activity. And besides all this, there is a high risk of lung cancer or tuberculosis.

The cigarette smoke, constantly getting on the bronchial mucosa smoker, causes an inflammation in them, and if the smoke acts on this place again, eventually it leads to the cancer of cells of the bronchial mucosa. Basic substances, contained in the tobacco resin, and causing cancer are: benzpyrene, nitrosamines and radon. Symptoms of the lung cancer are chest pain, increased temperature, cough, sputum, blood spitting.

Today, many more people in the world die from the lung cancer than from the other types of cancer, and the reason is the effect of smoking.

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