many young people take a gap year before entering university.

Check Your Essay Online for Free Many young people take a gap year before entering university. Why do they do it? How does it affect their life?
Most of the
do not rush to enroll in university courses after finishing their high school. A gap year enables them to prepare in a high standard way in order to
high scores aiming to apply for scholarships. Getting a scholarship
them to concentrate on their studies
of working part-time for the university fee.

The aim of taking the break
depends on studying abroad since for the well-known universities there are a number of requirements to
. One of the vital eligibility points is getting the IELTS and TOEFL high scores, which will provide the opportunity to apply for the scholarships. A year pause will enable students to allocate a wealth of time to
be prepared
well for the pursuit of the desired score. From the article “How does brain act when there is a deadline” I do recall that a person not
comprehends the material during this period
on the contrary
finds himself/herself in their comfort zone which gives them enjoyment and satisfaction from the learning process.