some people get married with a person from the different culture or different country.

Check Your Essay Online for Free Some people get married with a person from the different culture or different country. Some people are in against of it. Describe advantage and disadvantage of it.
Due to globalization and diverse culture, a plethora of communities
are inclined
to choose their life partner either from various tradition or from overseas.
, few are protesting it. This trend provides positives
as well
as adverse outcomes. Both the aspects are elaborate in the ensuing paragraphs.

Examining the rewards of this trend, most
can feel a comfort zone. This is to say that, if person married to a partner from the same culture, then he will not
the cultural shock. Due to the fact of the same rituals and same traditions followed by both the partners and
as a result
there is a great deal of communication.
In addition
to this,
the marriage to foreign person posses a benefit to family. Too elaborate, that person belongs to modern western society and unable to cope up with the traditions followed by the family. As consequences of it, it creates chaos in the family and
they both
For instance
, result
that those who married to foreign locals are getting separated within 3 months from their marriage.

On the flip side there are a number of darker sides too to prohibit inter-cast marriage. To
with, one cannot explore his
to other person. To elaborate, if everyone married to same tradition there is hardly any
of diversity faced by the community which is not beneficial in this open culture.
, if person does not marry to foreign
, they are unable to learn new language, their culture and their living standards.
, all in all it creates more adverse influence on the society.

In nutshell, the trend of choosing life partner from various cast or from various nations has brighter and adverse influence. The fruitful outcome is no cultural shock and explore various tradition;
, the adverse one such as separation and limitation to exploration.