Life of Johann Sebastian Bach

johann-sebastian-bachThis work tells about the main events of life of the great man, the composer Johann Sebastian Bach. The music of this inimitable classic enriched the world. This invaluable contribution to the art is measured by the fact that even today it is more than urgent.

Johann Sebastian Bach is an epoch of music, full of diversity and the impact of various trends that highlighted this genius in “the era of great composers”. Bach’s music can not be described; it is full of shades and a variety of musical ideas. Every beat of his melodies is a small piece of art. This is not just part of his works, developing the composition, they brought own particular “coloring”.

During his lifetime he was known as an organist and harpsichordist. In those difficult times, when the composer lived, art was limited to the tastes of the yard, as well as the requirements of the Protestant Church. However, the freedom-loving Johann never adhered to these conditions. Such restrictions were unacceptable to him and one could even say “death similarly”. This complicated life of the musician, made it rather uneasy and full of humiliation. He was aimed to realize his grandiose ideas, and it didn’t correspond to the secular or sacred music. Throughout his life, Johann Sebastian Bach sought to expand his professional horizons.

Bach was the author of one of the first clavier concerts – Italian concert (without orchestra). He fully approved the independent significance of clavier as a concert instrument. Only a small part of his compositions was published during his lifetime. Only half a century after death of the genius his music has had a strong influence on the development of the European musical culture, and society has realized the full tremendous scale of his work.

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