Mandatory school uniforms


Many countries of the world attach great importance to the issue of the need to wear school uniforms. Thus, recently, one of the leading European countries has banned removal from the lesson those children the appearance of which does not comply with the established rules. Instead, it was proposed to exclude such students from school. In other countries, where the education system does not pay much attention to the uniforms of students, there is a strict requirement – a special school backpack.

Wearing a school uniforms has a number of advantages: there is no problem of choice, and the social inequality parents is not so conspicuous. In contradiction to this, there is also an opinion that the uniform interferes with the expression of individuality of the child, self-dependence in the choice of clothing and the formation of a personal style.

At the same time, the complete freedom of choice in this regard is beyond absolute “chaos.” Boys wear sports shirts and extravagant haircuts, and the girls are in provocative blouses on high heels and with defiant manicure. How can teachers get their attention on the lessons and educational discipline?! Therefore, it becomes quite clear that the school uniform is necessary.

This does not mean that students throughout the country must be dressed in exactly the same costumes. Each school is free to develop their own design and color of the uniform, as well as to make some differences in clothes of junior schoolchildren, and costumes for high school students.

This essay is aimed to find out the advantages and disadvantages of wearing school uniform nowadays, and to understand if it disciplines the students, or is actually violence against the personality.

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