Native Americans


Indians – the indigenous inhabitants of the American continent. However, they received the rights of US citizenship only in 1924, when President Calvin Coolidge signed the bill. Today, 565 Indian tribes officially recognized by the federal authorities, are totaled across the United States. In order to receive the recognition of Native American, under US law, a person must prove that one of his grandparents was Indian, whose tribe lived on the present territory of the United States. However, this is not the only condition.

This is a very serious question, considering the genetic link. The Federal recognition of tribal status is important. This tribe has a special relationship with the US government; such contacts take place only at the governmental level. Official correspondence includes such a term as “sovereign nation of a certain tribe”. The US government recognizes the rights of these tribes to self-determination and supports their sovereignty.

About 2 percent of the US territory are under the control of the Indian tribes. These lands are reservations, which are home to over a third of the US Indians. The area of these plots varies greatly. One of them does not exceed 4 square kilometers; another is equal to the area of West Virginia. It is the largest reservation which belongs to the Navajo tribe. One third of the reservations is located in Alaska.

About five million Indians reside in the United States. This amounts approximately 1.6 percent of the population. Today in the US there are 139 Indian languages, but more than half of them are threatened with extinction. About 70 percent of American Indians do not speak any language except English.

Architects-Indians have designed National Museum of the American Indian and in 2004 it was opened in downtown Washington.

It’s a current state of affairs. This work will tell about the traditions of Native Americans, their culture, their life.

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