Northeastern Illinois University paves the way to success for students with disabilities

Northeastern Illinois University provides the most comfortable conditions for studying and accommodation of all its students, but a special pride of the university is its program of assistance to students with disabilities Student Disability Services (SDS). Very often these students get a master’s degree; many of them become stars in the scientific community.

A graduate of Northeastern Illinois University Phu Duong can be called one of such rising stars. Duong has received a master’s degree in cellular and molecular biology at Northeastern Illinois University. Now he continues his research already at the doctoral level. Expert area of Mr. Duong is epigenetics, the study of changes in gene activity not related to DNA. Duong suffers from deafness, but his achievements in science have long overshadowed this unpleasant fact of his biography.

Scientific adviser of Mr. Duong at Northeastern Illinois University professor Emina Stojkovic claims that Duong was the first deaf student who has defended the diploma on her chair. She often recalls that his speech on defense was so calm and collected, that no one had the slightest doubt that he was perfectly prepared.