Psychology of poverty


There are several common reasons for such behavior of the person, in which the access to wealth is blocked for him. Each of us owns in life what he deserves. Financial viability of the person also obeys such a philosophy. Confessing the psychology of poverty, it is simply impossible to become successful. Sociologists have found that poor people tend to avoid high paying jobs. Fear of the large sums of money and the responsibility are the main reasons of refusal of profitable work. If you want to become a wealthy person, you have to change mental attitude and be able to make responsible decisions.

If we consider the issue of job, most often it is a fear to lose it. A person with the psychology of a poor man tends to choose lower-paying but stable job. Most often it is a choice of state institutions, because the government will always provide a salary. And if you go into a commercial organization, that is to say there is a risk to lose everything after some time. It happens that people absolutely do not believe in themselves and think their experience and knowledge are in demand. As a result, it really happens. The person takes the tedious, boring work, ceases to learn new things, “turns sour” and becomes useless, instead, to grow and develop.

In addition to fear of responsibility, there is a fear of being useless – the man with the psychology of the poor man is afraid of changes. The motto of such people – better to have a little bit than to risk and maybe lose everything. People with psychology of poverty will never start a business, will not master new market segments, will not go to get the second higher education at the age of 40 and will never move to another city in search of a new life at 50!

Low self-esteem is also a characteristic feature of people with the psychology of poverty. You won’t find a high self-esteem in a person who does not live, but only vegetates: gray uninteresting work which is so scaring to lose, the lack of vivid impressions in life, no changes and reasonable risks. This essay tells about all the reasons for the so-called psychological poverty that exists in our minds, and suggests how to stop being afraid of yourself and your capabilities.

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