The Biography of Herbert George Wells


Herbert George Wells – the founder of science fiction of the 20th century and a major master of critical realism. During his creative life he wrote about 40 novels and many volumes of short stories, several dozen works on philosophical, sociological and historical issues with political and social forecasts, a few books for children and an autobiography.

Herbert George Wells was born September on 21, 1866 in Bromley, Kent, in a family of shopkeeper. It is often said that an accident of 1874 had determined his career. The fact is that Wells broke both his legs in his childhood, and had to spend all his time at home, so read a lot.

In 1888, Herbert graduated from the University of London, and three years later received two academic titles in biology and became a teacher of exact sciences in college. “Science fiction” of Herbert George Wells (although he never called it like that) was clearly influenced by his studies at the college and interests, which he developed in biology. At that time he began to write articles, and in 1893 professionally engaged in journalism.

His first work was a fiction novel “The Time Machine” (1895), thanks to which he immediately gained fame and international recognition. It was followed by the book «The Island of Doctor Moreau» (1896), «The Invisible Man» (1897), «The War of the Worlds» (1898), «The First Men in the Moon» (1901), “The Food of the Gods” (1904) and others. These works brought him glory as the most significant experimenter in the genre of science fiction, showing his ability to make the most daring fantasy plausible.

In these novels Wells indicated the problem of destiny of human society in the world, where technology and scientific development evolved very quickly. The writer advocated for caution and gradualness in politics, science and social life. He devoted a lot of his works to the social critical analysis, which stated that the development of society in the framework of the bourgeois system would end by degeneration and death of mankind.

This biographical essay discusses more interesting details of life and works of genius of science fiction.

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