What it means to be Human

What it means to be Human

The art of being human is the main art for everyone in this world. There is no philosopher who could bypass this topic, because philosophy is, by and large, the art of living, of thinking. It is clear to everyone that there is no single answer, a single recipe for life for all. Therefore, every philosopher, every person, looks at this problem in his own way. Speaking of human virtues, each person puts his own ideas into the concept of “humanity.” And if these representations are different, people cease to understand each other, resent and conflict.

The highest concentration of harmony is the human personality. The world is transformed by society, but the activities of society are made up of the actions of individuals. If every person is imbued with the goals of society, if his actions are characterized by everyday humanism, reliance on truth and beauty in everything, then the social system consisting of such elements is invincible.

The foundation of the worldview is laid by philosophy. It gives a person an idea of the general structure of the world, society and personality, about truth, beauty and good. These representations are necessary and sufficient to manage their activities, to make their behavior whole, systemic, well and correctly oriented.

Having traced the historical path of mankind, it can be concluded that at the heart of every society there always laid a certain morality that guided people. However, each person has his own morals, his spiritual values, life’s foundations. To be a Human means not only to bring up high moral qualities in yourself, but to transform yourself and the universe into a world of developing harmony. One can say a human is a person who can think, feel and sympathize, who develops, is able to defend his own identity, independence, spiritual freedom and, at the same time, who understands, when egoism is inappropriate, because a man is a social being.

Each person got into such a situation where the concept of humanity made him picking the right actions, when there was a choice – to do right or good. The notion of humanity was considered by such philosophers as Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Berdyaev… We are all under the influence of circumstances, the opinions of others. We live in a world where the concepts of good and evil are highly ambiguous. Therefore, to this day, the concept of a human differs.

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