Works of Shirley Jackson

shirley-jackson-writerShirley Jackson is a popular writer, classic of American literature of XX-th century. Her husband, literary critic Stanley Edgar Hyman, claimed that Shirley systematically refused to give interviews, to comment or in any way to popularize her stories. She believed that her books could to tell enough about her someday.

Her novels received laudatory responses from critics and readers’ interest. She was accused of witchcraft; she suffered from various neuroses and psychosomatic diseases. But her contribution to the literature of the twentieth century is priceless. Steven Spielberg acknowledged the talent of the writer and was focused on her books. The most famous work of Shirley Jackson is the short story “The Lottery”.

Stanley Edgar Hyman said that her works were not the result of any neuroses of his wife. She just wanted to show all the human fears of the Cold War era, as delicate and accurate anatomy of that time, exactly corresponding the symbols of the troubled world of the concentration camps and bombs.

This work tells about some works of Shirley Jackson. It is worth remembering such novel as “The Haunting of Hill House” in order to understand the significance of this person. It was written in 1959. The novel was recognized as the most important work of literary horror of the twentieth century. The first lines of the book already ignite great interest among the readers. It could not be more in the spirit of famous Shirley Jackson.

The popularity of the book inspired for two of film adaptations. The first was directed by Robert Wise in 1963, and the second – Jan de Bont in 1999, with the participation of Steven Spielberg.

The composition helps to compare this novel with her other work, “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”. It was published in 1962 and became the final novel of the author, who died three years after the publication.

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